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The other Brighton event: Alternative UK 360° Democracy: The Politics of Immersive Technology 27/9/17

An exciting new psycho-political technology event was hosted by the new political party and laboratory The Alternative UK at The Old Market in Hove on Wednesday night. University College London’s Virtual Reality experiment to heal childhood trauma with Juliet Brown and Nick Duffell was one of the items described at this world-café style event described…
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‘Surviving the Syndrome’ – a report on the sell-out conference at the University of Brighton

Saturday’s sell-out conference at the University of Brighton, Boarding School – Surviving the Syndrome, was described by many as the “best conference I have ever attended.” Partly this must be due to the great venue and excellent organisation by Laura and her team – to say nothing of the terrific catering! Do today’s students really…
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Healing the trauma of yesteryear with the technology of tomorrow?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could heal the past, free ourselves from survival habits and go back to traumatic environments and make them safe? Well, a new research project at UCL (University College London) is looking for volunteers to try out Virtual Reality equipment and scenarios for the first time with an  accompanying psychotherapist….
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On Pulling Down Statues

Last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia shows once again how divided the world has become. It is much easier to contribute to this than to mend it, so I am unlikely to win too many friends with what follows. I’ll start by admitting that I don’t think it is helpful to pull down statues of…
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Finally, the British public are getting ‘a bit angry’ with our Wounded Leaders society … while our government is in a trance.

Grenfell has shown the extent Britain has forgotten about its welfare state commitment in the intoxication of financilalsed capitalism in a Kensington dominated by luxury dwellings, with no hope of replacing any extra decent social housing …..  and the people are getting a bit angry. It seems Thatcher was nearly right – there is almost…
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