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What to do in an election you don’t really need? Trust your body.

We seem to be having a bit too much politics these days, too many elections in which there is a a distinct lack of parties with really creative visions for the future. What do we as concerned electors do when we see little choice or when we have an electorate that is mesmerised by reactionary…
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A Letter from France: new populism, worn-out apathy?

Arriving in Toulouse Blagnac airport last evening, I was greeted by a silent television screen showing Emmanuel Macron speaking to a rally in Albi, the largest town in the départment in rural SW France where I am lucky enough to spend my time when not in London. Macron pretty looked tired – unsurprisingly. And, apart…
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Leading to a crisis or leading with a new psycho-political vision? Here’s the maths.

While Europe breathes a sigh of relief that Emmanuel Macron seems to be more likely to gain the French presidency than Marine and her Front National, the new British general election strikes many with boredom. How strategic it all sounds. Yes, of course they are going to have to raise taxes on the ordinary folk…
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Last refuge of a scoundrel? How to understand the psychology of Nationalism and Identity in a changing world

On the evening of April 7, 1775, when Samuel Johnson made his famous pronouncement “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” he was not saying, I think, that it was wrong to love your country. Indeed, Dr Johnson was renowned for combining robust patriotic enthusiasm with his Enlightenment views and a tender conscience that…
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Why dump on Trump? Check out our own elect, home-grown, scary, cartoon crazies.

The proposed state visit of the Donald has aroused lots of feelings. And in some of our most damaged (but elected) Wounded Leaders something that may be connected with a feeling – somewhere. Here’s a couple: Some days after Boris accused the EU of considering Nazi-style “punishment beatings” on Britain in revenge for Brexit, Jacob…
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