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Plebgate 2: the Wounded Leader’s baffling immaturity

How the internet has changed everything. One of its marvels is that you just type in the words ‘Blair’ or ‘Cameron’ and immediately get to watch video clips of these men speaking, meeting, walking, from their earliest arrival in the public eye right up to the present day. Long ago, it seems, we used to…
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Wounded Leaders – the low down

Despite the complexities needed to fully explain it and the controversy that it inspires, the chief point of this book is simple enough. Because the our elite are raised in boarding schools – away from families, out of the reach of love, far from the influence of any feminine values, and so on – we…
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‘Plebgate’ – A very British Emotion or an Entitlement Illusion Meltdown?

We British are not renowned for what is called ‘emotional availability’, a term made popular by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 bestseller, Emotional Intelligence. In fact, we are rather more famous for our stiff upper lip. We can be ‘upset’ or ‘cross,’ but that is about all we are really comfortable with. We certainly mustn’t…
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