Nick Duffell was born in London in 1949 and has lived in Germany, Switzerland, India, Wales and France. After taking his degree in Sanskrit at Oxford, he worked as a teacher, care-staff, carpenter, divorce mediator, psychotherapist and management consultant. In 1990 he began offering specialist group therapy to 'Boarding School Survivors' (as he provocatively named adult ex-boarders). Ten years later he published his findings in 'The Making of Them, The British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System,' which has received wide critical acclaim, including an endorsement by the BMJ.

In 1996, with his wife Helena Løvendal-Duffell, he founded the Centre for Gender Psychology, which offers public workshops as well as specialist training for professionals in the field of relationships, sex, and gender.  In 2002 HarperCollins published their book Sex, Love and the Danger of Intimacy, which has now been translated into several languages.

He now specialises in training couple-therapists, working with men’s issues, and is a frequent contributor to theoretical debates in the psychological press. He spends his non-work time deep in the French countryside, caring for trees and vegetables, experimenting with solar power and sawing his own wood.

Other Books by Nick Duffell:

The Simpol Solution

Solving global problems could be easier than we think

In the 21st century we are faced with an array of complex global challenges, from religious fanaticism, mass migration, unfettered corporate power, to inequality, Big Data and climate change.

In front of these global threats and tragedies is a common barrier to their solution — it is the spirit that has defined the age we live in: competition.
We can dismantle this barrier, but first we must radically change our thinking. Blending politics and psychology, the Simultaneous Policy Solution, the ‘SIMPOL Solution’, shows us why we must all come to terms with the crippling effect of global competition and how through simultaneous action — through cooperation — we can overcome the problems we face today and tomorrow. It doesn’t take masses of people to initiate lasting change — in fact, it never has. Key transitions in human history were initiated by small numbers of activists. The Simpol Solution arrives on the back of an international movement of activists, with support from British MPs, policy-makers and public figures.

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The Making of Them: The British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System

At the dawn of the 21st century British society is still shaped by a private education system devised to gentrify the Victorian middle classes and produce gentlemen to run the Empire. Yet it is not on the political agenda. It is rarely the subject of public debate, and we remain blind to its psychological implications.

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Nick Duffell and Helena Løvendal-Duffell :

Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy

In this groundbreaking book, the authors present intimate relationships as the major human challenge. So when couples feel conflict or stuckness is the sign of their relationship failing, it may be that a great adventure is just beginning.

Relationship difficulties are reframed as an unparalleled route to self-awareness, self-regulation and self-knowledge. If such a path can be bravely followed then conflict can be transformed into intimacy.

The authors reveal a road map for intimate relationships, explain a grounded perspective on gender, and tell an enlivening story of a classic couple on the journey.

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