The Making of Them: The British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School SystemSome short reviews of The Making of Them: The British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System by Nick Duffell

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“If the Church of England is the Tory Party at prayer, the Public School system may be called the Tory Party in the nursery. Here are set out the traumas, deformations and truncations of character that explain the British Establishment. The British are known to be mad. But in the maiming of their privileged young, they are criminally insane.”

John le Carré, best-selling author, and former MI6 officer.

“A clear-sighted, frightening book about what we might call the institutionalized child abandonment, which in England takes the form of boarding schools – heartbreaking, thoughtful, lively and convincing.”

Robert Bly, poet.

“Well written, personally direct, and based on extensive study of the hundreds of ‘boarding school survivors;’ worthy and valuable, not only by analysing its psychological components but also by pointing out ways to manage them. I can highly recommend it.”

The British Medical Journal


“Elegantly reasoned and passionately argued, it will serve humanity by driving a well-placed nail into the coffin of the misguided mythology of British boarding school education. Surely, with all that is now known of child and adult psychology even the upper classes must recognise the unkindness of the doctrine?”

The late Jean Liedloff, Anthropologist, author of The Continuum Concept.


“A Powerful book.”

The Scientific and Medical Review.


“This book should be read by everyone who was sent to boarding school, above all by those who barely survived the ordeal. “

The late Angela Lambert, former ITN reporter, columnist for The Independent, author of 8 books.


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