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Heart Transplant recommended by Wounded Crusading ex-Leader!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse for Labour, along comes Tony Blair, Wounded Leader supremo and master story-teller. Already terminally disgraced at home by being unable to apologise for his best-selling fantasy “Weapons of Mass Destruction deployed in only 45 minutes!” that cost so many lives, including, tragically, that of Dr David Kelly – who should never be forgotten by anyone who has a heart – Blair, like Orwell’s swinish anti-hero, just cannot keep his snout out of the trough.

Our once fresh-faced boy leader, now looking like a walking corpse from Hammer House of Horrors extras department, but still retaining that unmistakable tone of anger –  as if somehow God has sent him to earth to be surrounded by fools – recommends anyone who wants to support the ordinary, non-charismatic, caring man-of-the-people, Jeremy Corbyn, should have their heart transplanted! Strong stuff Tony!

But is this really happening? Cameron, Boris and Osborne must be wetting themselves with laughter. What is going on?

Would it be uncharitable to suggest that Tony already had his heart removed many years ago, so he doesn’t see a problem with such a remark? Perhaps, but lets not go there too soon.

Because if he did have to abandon his own heart it was unlikely to have been his fault: he probably did it in order to survive. The problem is that the adult Tony seems to have deliberately refused to put one back in again, when one would imagine he has earned enough cash since quitting to employ the finest surgeon in the world.

So lets focus on where he learned such entitled putdowns. Have a look William Boyd’s early TV masterpiece ‘Good and Bad at Games’ (1983) directed by Jack Gold . (Thanks to Victoria Childs for this link).

The first two episodes on You Tube should suffice. There you see the rank contempt for anyone who is in a junior, or servile, or caring role that it is bred into the boys by the society of boys themselves. You will find the bullying horrific, but I assure you this is the most realistic portrayal of how things are at public school ever shown.

Blair is a permanent prefect type, with his entitled attitudes of superior knowledge (“I did what I believed was right”). His attitude is full of contempt for the soft, wet, unworldly caring attitudes of the junior, boys who inevitably get feminised or objectified (in the film Cox is called “Animal”) before they are brutally attacked for being who they are. This is the role Corbyn unwittingly takes up, because it represents everything that these boys have had to disown.

If your heart’s with Corbyn then pluck it out, Blair recommends, probably feeling the Old Testament words going round his strategic brain. Will he regret that remark?

I doubt it – it is just the kind of remarked learned in the prefects’ study: see ‘Good and Bad at Games’ if you haven’t witnessed this kind of thing yourself, but don’t expect to sleep the night after.

This is a perfect example why we should be dismantling these training grounds for Wounded Leaders and those who think the damage is only to those who are sent away very young might consider thinking again. Watch Boyd’s play, but you might be advised to have a transplant first because if not you may be overwhelmed with grief for what we have done – and what we are still doing to the flower of our youth.

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