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Theresa brought down by impossible job or by Wounded Leaders?

Mrs May will doubtless be remembered for the emotional finale to her resignation speech – by the media as the dogged but beleaguered PM who cracked in the end. And by the Wounded Leader snakes who surround her as the woman who blubbed in the end. I am certain that – in her shoes –…
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Would you like to be left on a small island with these men?

Like so many, many others, I spent Saturday marching through London expressing the desire to not be lead into disaster by a monstrous cohort of Wounded Leaders who do not wish the people of this country well. This is where I snapped the banner pictured below. The thing is –  we know it, and we…
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Football and Brexit – Leadership and Niceness

This weekend, football, Brexit, leadership and niceness are intimately connected, it seems. Months of muddled leadership, not to mention David Cameron’s catastrophic original choice, lie behind the on-going problem of trying to integrate the loony Victorian public-school wing of the Conservative Party into how the hell we are going to managed this step backward without…
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To celebrate or mourn?

To celebrate or mourn, that’s the question, the only thing (according to Einstein) that was infinite apart from the universe – the stupidity of mankind. With teenagers murdered at the fence in Gaza and the climate going to hell, we are supposed to be ostriches celebrating the royal celebrity wedding. But there IS another coming…
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A psychohistorical and psycho-spiritual approach is needed to wade through the current anti-antisemitism hysteria

The common sense view points to racism as being more a feature of the Right than Left. If, like me, you remember the terrifying skinhead marches around the East End’s Brick Lane on a Sunday morning while you were enjoying a kosher hot-salt beef sandwich and the amazing market we had then, you’ll have had…
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