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Victory for Wounded Leaders’ Strategic Survival Personality

“Cameron could only save himself by taking Lib Dem seats so he had to do it as effectively as he could. It was his way of surviving,” says Paddy Ashdown in this morning’s Guardian.

It is not the first time that Ashdown has put his finger on something that has psychological depth and truth about Wounded Leaders. If you stand for the vulnerable, the compassionate or the feminine next to those guys, you are simply a ‘wet’ and likely to be destroyed when you are no longer needed.

If only Ashdown would stay focused on the real problems and guide his mangled party towards a thorough psycho-political analysis before they rebuild themselves, as they must.

In the meantime we see a new political tragedy in the making: Labour’s shell-shocked leaders are rushing to say that they too have to be the party of money. Blair must be feeling good about himself again. The truth about money and self interest is never told. The idea that the 2007-8 Western meltdown was somehow due to Gordon Brown is a monstrous lie, invented by Wounded Leaders’ duplicity, and strangely unchallenged even by Labour.

Hey, guys, in fact it was due to the insanity of Wall Street’s invention of Monopoly money – do see Yanis Varoufakis’s book ‘The Global Minotaur’ if you want the economics in plain terms. Or see John Bunzl’s Simpol for a sober analysis of how to re-organise against these global pressures.

But blaming the last government is an effective falsehood – it is like a magic spell; for it shields us from the massive global financial interests so they can continue to have their way with us. Surely we know this? Or don’t we?

Sadly, it seems that most of the British public including the media go along with this fiction and we all remain under the spell of the Entitlement Illusion. Even the intelligent media don’t take the trouble to destroy this falsehood, except in rare articles tucked away in the Guardian’s back pages. This one by Larry Elliott, Labour needs to be ready when the Tories slip up – and they will slip up, is well worth reading.

Otherwise, I guess we have to keep speaking reality to those who value it more than the prospect of money – unless you have any other ideas? Or should we all go fishing?





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